Slouching Towards Bethlehem (Revisited)

My parents were immigrants.

My father’s brother sold his home in Chile so my father could travel to Cuba, then Florida and finally settle in Los Angeles in the 1950s.

My mother left Ireland in 1957 to take a chance that the family she would work for were really what the agency said they were on the "hiring" notice.

This is what made America great. The GOP has abandoned its moral compass for something as ephemeral as tax cuts and they’ve done it on the backs of the powerless.

American farmers depend on undocumented workers. Restaurants and contractors and gardening companies. Why? Because middle-class kids won’t pick strawberries or bibb lettuce or tomatoes in the blazing summer California sun for pennies on the dollar.

Middle-class kids don’t want to wash dishes in restaurants or change hotel bed linens for less than minimum wage. The mobility of humanity is what gives us culture and progress. There is no cultural appropriation; there’s only cultural appreciation.

We’re all immigrants. But it seems we’re all heading in the wrong direction. As God is my witness, the atrocities of last week rest at the feet of Trump and his enablers.

Vote. Resist. Take back the future.

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