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This Time, It’s Personal

In the last three weeks I’ve met a woman who was manhandled by Donald Trump, found out that friend and former colleague, Natasha Stoynoff, was assaulted by him, and that an acquaintance of a friend and former co-worker was also violated by the GOP candidate for President.

Now, Trump can lather up his base as much as he wants with his wing-nut conspiracies, that all these women are lying, but the reality is much darker and more frightening than anything his narrow mind — and the ignorance of his fearful, spineless supporters — can ever imagine. We’re told that we shouldn’t demonize his supporters, but I disagree. They are the problem.

For the last quarter century the Republican Party made a deal with the media devil; first it was Rush Limbaugh and talk radio, then the Drudge Report, then Fox News, then Brietbart; to discredit the governance of this country and the systems put in place over more than 200 years by the rule of law that is our Constitution.

We are warned repeatedly by the tepid and furtive wonks in the middle and the Left that the GOP base’s anger is “understandable,” that it was the elites that abandoned them and now hold them in disdain.


When Kansas and Wisconsin voted for Sam Brownback and Scott Walker, respectively, and those governors implemented policies that benefited the wealthy at the expense of the populace at large and drove their states’ economies into the ground, I only have one question: Whose fault was that?

When the Gulf Coast states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida—who repeatedly vote for GOP local, state and national candidates—make agreements with Big Oil, offering tax incentive packages that don’t benefit those states with the platforms and refineries cluttering their coastlines, but the oil industry alone, I have to ask : Whose fault is that?

For a party that consistently goes on and on about personal responsibility, its leadership seems quick to point the finger elsewhere.

For 25-plus years, the Republican Party has pandered to the basest fears of the electorate: Minorities are bad. Homosexuals are bad. Equal pay for equal work is bad. Immigrants are bad. Science is bad.

And they used Conservative media to spread that message.

Conservatives loved it when George W. Bush was elected, when after 9/11 they peddled fear and anxiety and “money for nothing,” only to be surprised when the market collapsed and all we got for the “War on Terror” was body bags and coffins brought into the country under the darkness of night; and soldiers wounded both in body and spirit, many with no jobs or futures to come home to after their service.

The GOP created the vacuum in which Donald Trump’s ascendancy and candidacy swooped in to fill; they opened a Pandora’s Box of ancient bigotries and resentments and now sit back helplessly as it spins out of their control, un-endorsing Trump, re-endorsing him, not based of ethics, morals or backbone, but based on poll numbers.

The election this November is not just about forming a new government, it’s about fighting to save a system of democracy the world had never seen before; to show the world that the United States and its people are true to the values enshrined in its founding documents: the Bill of Rights, the Constitution overall, the Emancipation Declaration and all the laws and amendments that have driven our country forward through history.

I’m tired of Trump supporters claiming they’re patriots when their candidate, his actions, and their partisans in the Senate and the House of Representatives, make it clear they do not support the Constitution. The GOP has a lot to pay for, and I hope its comeuppance arrives on November 8. They spent the last eight years attempting to take down a man of principles, honor and integrity, and all they have to show for it is Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is unfit for office. He was unfit when he slandered Mexican immigrants. He was unfit when he targeted Muslims. He was unfit when he encouraged his supporters to beat demonstrators at his rallies, and he was unfit when he welcomed white supremacists and bigots openly into the fold.

Let alone that he molested someone I know.



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ADC builds award-winning digital news products as well as content, video, social media strategies, edit teams and advertising solutions.