You’ve missed the point. I’m all for public missives about public issues that need to be addressed. Talia’s wasn’t the one needed to address the issue of inequity in the Bay Area, or nationwide for that matter. Her’s was a tantrum; of someone who had not made the slightest effort to accommodate her economic reality: get a roommate, stop buying expensive booze and posting pics of it on Instagram, possibly get a second job. Yes, I will pull out the “I am officially old card:” When I was her age, I had TWO jobs, so I could afford to move out of a roommate situation and into my own small apartment in a dangerous—now gentrified, of course—neighborhood in Los Angeles. The mumbo jumbo the “real” versus the “digital” might get someone a marginally interesting TED talk in Ohio, but intellectually, it doesn’t pass muster. It absolves Talia of ANY adult responsibility for her actions. And let’s be clear, she is not discussing labor issues, she is moaning about her lot in life, not of the other hundreds of thousands like her who are struggling to get by, possibly get noticed and promoted or land gigs that would help them economically. Are the rules stacked against Talia? Yes, against everyone, actually, as the digital economy is such that a few now make millions off the sometimes free work of the many; a systemic, social, moral and cultural disaster in the making. I am not without empathy and compassion, but I am running out of patience for those who can’t compromise on the deals you have to make in life to get the quality of life that makes a person comfortable and content. It’s Talia’s sense of entitlement, her lack of true sacrifice, that undermines any alleged commentary on labor issues, that I find most galling.

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